A Tribute to the Allman Brothers




Jamie Phalen
Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Played music in and around Seattle area for over 30 years in way to many bands - mostly names nobody recognizes except the band "Smokin' Gun". Smokin' Gun was together for 9 years, recording 3 albums, which garnered awards from the Washington Blues Society for Best Album and best male vocalist. This band was an original as well as covered southern blues rock as well as many Allman Brothers songs .....Music is something that I have always had a lot of fun with, way to much fun.
To old to care but not to old to rock!

John Schneider
Lead Guitar
John is a seasoned musician who has played the Seattle music scene for many years. Finess and distinctive style both in stage presence and playing. Allman Brothers music has been on Johns music list all his career so to be in a band that is a tribute to them is only right...

More of John's Bio will be added soon..

Ed - Guitar, Vocals.

Whenever he's not busy sticking it to the man, he's an equipment loader extraordinaire. Formed with a group in, oh what was it, 1972? Grew up in Adak, Astoria, San Francisco and Mountlake Terrace. Spent his teenage years going to shows at the Fillmore West and the Cow Palace. Knows a bunch of those weird jazz chords but doesn't force them on anyone. OVER SIX AND A HALF FEET TALL!!! Plays some sweet little solos with those big ol' fingers. Would give you the shirt off his back, but it probably wouldn't fit.

Rolf Larson

Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica, Accordion

Hi Folk's, A lot of you know me but for those who don't, I've played many different styles of music over the years. Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul, Country, even some folk music are just some of the styles of music that I have performed. Born and raised in the Northwest, I've played key's for Charles White Band for a decade or so and have been on many recording's with local artist's. I also own and operate “Laughing Dog Recording Studio” (my second favorite thing). Influence's; Irving Berlin, Leon Russel, Clapton, Ray Charles, Elmore James, Willie and Merle. You can hear them every time I play. Sooo......I've played all over the world, but I still love coming home to my roots and playing for all my friend's & fan's the best!......RolfE-mail Rolf - rolf@latigolace.com

Dick Hecox

Dick started playing bass guitar at the age of 15, when he joined his friend's band, "Blue Steel", playing parties and dances. In the 70's, 80's and 90's he was in many different blues and rock bands; "Reflex", Prisim", "Liner", "The Richmond Beacher's" and "The Nightcreepers", to name just a few, and he toured the midwest with the rock band "North Star". He most recently worked with "One Way Out", another Allman Bros Tribute Band.
His early influences include Jack Bruce, Tim Bogart, Barry Oakley, John Paul Jones, and bands like the early "Kinks", " Jimi Hendrix", " Jeff Beck", " Rush", and any of the "Power Trios" past and present.
By joining the very talented players of "Ramblin' Band", he's looking to rekindle the soulful blues rock passion of the "Allman Bros Band".

Bill Brammer - Drums
My love of drumming started at the age of 7 when I joined a marching band.By 14 I was 1st snare drummer. Junior High I joined a band called the Pied Pipers which had some good exposure. At 19 I started playing the bars scene and found my way to L.A. doing some studio work for commercials and working with Warren Zevon on his first album with Columbia Records. Then back to Seattle to play with a group called Brave New World. Later went on to play with local groups such as Shaker w/Diane Powell, The Factory, Smokin' Gun to name a few. The music that I loved most was always in the southern blues rock type, so it was only natural for me to become a part of the tribute to the Allman Brothers band "Ramblin' Band". Many of the musicians in this band have been my band mates in other projects over the years. There is a lot of musical history in this band of professional and quality musicians.



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